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Respect the Local

SOB is a company specializing in marketing and advertising. SOB stands for Standing on the Bridge.

Cambodia and Japan, other countries and Cambodia, companies and people in Cambodia. For the development of all of these, we hope to promote human consumption activities, using a bridge of media. With such meaning, we named our company, using the keyword, “bridge.Ebr /> To resident companies in Cambodia, we will provide effective suggestions to promote their sales, using our media or the national advertising media. In addition, we will also help resident companies in Japan to develop their overseas business, with such as test marketing in advance of actual entering to Cambodia and announcement to the whole ASEAN.


  • Own Medias

    Coupon site + Magazine

  • Collaboration media

    The Cambodia informational magazine for companies
    "The Cambodia business partners"

  • Collaboration media

    Motorbike information Free paper

  • Organizing Event


    Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Cambodian Networking Event

  • Printing & Design


    Printing & Design Factory

  • Distributing


    Ionized Alkali Water

  • Concierge

    Varie Buisiness Center

  • Sharing Office


  • coupon king
  • ceo blog
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